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Aug 16, 2022

Whatever your side hustle, chances are it could benefit from having sponsors - people paying you, supporting you, in what you’re producing.

That’s only one reason why you’ll want to catch this episode. Today’s guest is going to help you with that, and he’s both engaging and entertaining. After all, Todd Hancock was an on-air radio personality at a rock station for 14 years in a major market. Today he is a  full-time Radio Arts & Entertainment instructor, and his side hustle is the Toddcast Podcast.

He talks about how he calculates what to charge a sponsor, his motivation for making the podcast a success, why he doesn’t have a problem with asking sponsors for support, and his brush with death involving a speeding train.

What’s in today’s Wrap-Up? Tips to help you muster up the courage to charge for what you’re worth - whether that’s for a product, a service, or pitching a prospective sponsor. It’s a challenge for a lot of creatives, so you’re not alone!

What You’ll Hear:

02:37 The push to start a podcast

05:15 After the first sponsor signed, it can snowball

07:42 Multiple guests per episode = multiple sponsors per episode

10:20 Weekly time commitment for the podcast

10:50 Heavy on the social media to get the word out

12:01 From full-time job @BCIT to part-time side hustle

14:32 It was the podcast that landed him the full-time job, not his 20 years in radio!

16:13 Who to reach out to your first sponsors

16:44 You can receive product in lieu of money from sponsors

17:40 How Todd calculates what to charge a sponsor

19:20 The motivation for monetizing

23:19 The need to ensure your sponsors know how much exposure you’re giving them

25:31 Why he continues to juggle both full-time work and his podcast side hustle

29:58 Todd’s best tip to take action on your side hustle

Key Takeaway

30:52 What to do if you’re hesitant to charge what you’re worth

31:12 Your offering is truly unique

32:38 Incorporate the “post-it note technique” for yourself

32:03 Begin to create your VR folder today

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