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Aug 23, 2022

It started as a little side hustle idea…create a souvenir cookbook for friends and guests at a ski hill. But little did Shelley Adams know this single cookbook would snowball into the bestselling series, “Whitewater Cooks.” The 6 books have now sold over 280,000 copies.

If you’re not already a foodie, there’s a pretty good chance you will be by the end of this episode.

Partway through her cookbook journey, she decided to create a line of sauces, yet she knew nothing about bottling, labeling, or distribution, but she used a highly effective strategy that each of us can apply, to any industry.

Catch today’s end-of-episode takeaways to learn how to apply that strategy, and you’ll also discover what the real purpose is, of having goals. And spoiler alert, it’s not to get stuff!

What You’ll Hear:

03:49 From catering on location, to local ski hill food

04:24 Transforming a ski hill’s cafeteria

07:12 Buying a ski hill!

08:04 A "scary amount of money" to buy Whitewater.

09:03 The idea for the first cookbook

10:35 The print order for the first book.

11:30 Being pushed for book #2

14:44 Shelley's book distributor now has a side hustle!

15:31 What it takes and the timeline from cookbook idea, to print

18:15 Biggest challenges - both physical and mental

19:40 Start where you can start

20:45 The food you see in the photos is all edible!

21:56 Juggling two kids, a ski resort, and a cookbook

22:50 10,000 book sales needed to break even

23:33 Learning what it takes to bottle sauces and asking for help

26:02 What’s next for Shelley Adams & Whitewater Cooks

28:04 Her fav cookbook in the series

29:15 What she loves most about cooking and food

30:45 Best tip for overcoming fear and self-doubt? Keep it simple and chunk it down

2 Key Takeaways:

32:54 Begin with the research

33:41 A powerful question: “Can you help me get started?” 

34:08 2 questions you’ll want to ask

34:55 The real purpose of having a goal


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