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Sep 27, 2022

A fun way to grow your influence, your audience, and customer base is by being a podcast guest. But how do you do that? And how do you find the right podcasts? Then once you’re booked, what do you need to do to be a success?

Today’s guest has the answers.

Andrew Allemann started a podcast as an offshoot of his trade publication. Not only has it proven itself with over 400 episodes, but it spawned an idea for a service that connects podcast hosts with people wanting to be interviewed! That service, PodcastGuests, has grown to over 38,000 subscribers, adding solid revenue to Andrew’s business.

You’ll also hear about MVP - minimum viable product, and how to use this concept to minimize losses and double-down on promising side hustle winners.

In today’s end-of-episode takeaways, I focus in on how to get the best results when you’re a podcast guest, and you’ll hear about a super-efficient, yet under-used free tool (yup, it’s free) that puts you in touch with great publicity opportunities.


What You'll Hear:

03:10 Domain Name Wire: trade publication for the domain name industry with 10,000+ posts

04:35 Birth of a podcast

07:03 Out of necessity - was born

09:48 The jump to building up the platform to enable paid subscriptions

10:36 Key contacts made at an industry conference

11:20 MVP - minimum viable product

13:00 Andrew has had businesses not work out

16:08 The value and benefits of being a guest on podcasts

17:13 Why you might want to start your own podcast…and reasons why you shouldn’t

20:44 How to sell and how not to sell if you’re a guest

25:52 How to get booked more often

27:48 Resource for new guests:

29:12 Best ways to monetize your podcast

30:30 A lot of podcasts don’t make it to 10 episodes!

31:15 Discoverability is not good in podcasts, resulting in typically a slow-build

32:00 Best way to grow your listenership

36:33 Figure out the minimum product you can get out there to test, then ACT!

Key Takeaways:

38:05 Focus on content - not selling, when you’re being interviewed

38:45, a free way to be notified of news in your industry…for pitching stories to the media, it’s a handy idea-generator


How to find the resources:

Connecting podcasters and guests,

How to be a podcast guest,


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