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Oct 4, 2022

Have you ever thought of getting involved in a trade as a side hustle? With the current shortage of employees, now might be a great time to discover whether this could be your path!

Today’s guest was a salesperson until one day, her employer decided not to pay her the commissions she was owed. She was forced to make a choice, and that choice was to quit.

Fast forward 16 years. Tenille Landy has been working as an employee of painting companies. But then a few years ago, she started doing her own painting jobs after hours as a side hustle. After so much work started coming her way, she decided it was time to convert her side hustle into her own full-time work.

While her expertise is in painting, what she shares applies across many industries, and to life in general.  I bet even the principle of how she prices her painting jobs, will apply to aspects of your side hustle!

The end-of-episode takeaways include what can happen when you make a decision - not a wish - but a true decision and commitment to take action and, the importance of the 5 people you spend the most time with.


What You’ll Hear:

02:45 Not getting paid commission led to a work change

06:50 Being a women in the trades

07:39 Pretending to be a man to get a job 

09:11 Exploring multiple opportunities in the industry

12:02 Being asked to lower her standards

14:14 Choosing to be the “boutique painter” 

15:44 How Tenille prices her jobs

19:33 Being self employed is worth the trade off

26:00 Friends gave her the courage to establish her own business

27:45 Everyone experiences self doubt at times

28:00 Change what you’re telling yourself, in order to improve your results

29:50 Using podcasts for self-improvement

31:45 Beware of becoming complacent

2 Key Takeaways:

34:10 The power of making the decision to act

35:08 Being around negative people will have a negative impact on you

34:40 The importance of being surrounded by positive people

36:00 The connection between your thoughts and the things showing up in your life

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Turn Your Thoughts Into Wanted Things

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The Way Success Works: How To Decide, Believe, & Begin to Live Your Best Life

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