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Oct 11, 2022

Shelley Verlaan was a career accountant, until one day a friend suggested they get together and make soap. That one session did it - Shelley was hooked.

She dove into R&D, started creating her own line of soap, and sold them at markets for a few years until Covid restrictions shut that down. What did she do? She went full-in and opened a brick and mortar store.

Sales have blown past projections.

In this episode, you’ll hear how a business plan has been a key component of her success with Soapolallie Soapworks (and how it can accelerate your business too!)

It’s refreshing to discover how the concept of making choices in her business so that everyone can survive and thrive, is what guides her decision-making.

Be sure to catch all the valuable no-cost and low-cost marketing tips and reminders sprinkled throughout our conversation, and enjoy the end-of-episode takeaways where I focus on how and why to treat your side hustle NOW as the big, bold, beautiful success you envision it to one day be.


What You'll Hear:

04:16 The first soap-making session 
05:18 600 bars of soap - now what?
06:06 Selling at markets
10:00 Covid restriction gives birth to the idea of opening a store
12:38 Customers experience a calming effect by being in the store
14:22 In-depth business plan - a necessity 
15:20 Grants, and supports, are often available - take advantage!!!
21:49 Business to Business Love, one way Shelley highlights local businesses 
23:23 Everyone needs to survive and thrive
24:30 Failure is part of the soap-making process
25:20 Product line has expanded greatly since moving into the store
26:44 Who is your buyer?
28:00 Develop your email and client list vs just relying on social media
28:52 The naming of Soapolallie Soapworks
31:33 Shelley’s special source of inspiration 
33:58 Choose a side hustle you’re passionate about
34:25 The need and importance of a business plan
35:40 How to treat your side hustle as a big, bold, beautiful success now!

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