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Nov 1, 2022

In this episode, you’ll learn no-cost DIY tips for polishing your brand, making your website more “hospitable” to potential clients, and boosting client conversion.

Sierra Janisse is a bona fide side hustle hero as she was teaching middle school full time when she started a hobby, which turned into a side hustle, but after 2 years when the income from that began to exceed her teaching income, it was time to re-evaluate.

Her side hustle has now become her full time, six figure company. 

Sierra Janisse is a brand, website, and funnel designer.

In our conversation she also talks not only about her wins - but also her mistakes, how to leverage your website through 5 ways to boost client conversion (that DON’T require hiring a designer), actionable tips for email marketing and growing your list in the “age of inbox overwhelm,” and clear guidance on where to start the process!

What you’ll hear:

05:09 “Elementor,” a long-time favourite 

06:24 Balancing full-time teaching with a growing part-time side hustle

07:37 The decision to leave teaching

08:18 The mistake Sierra made that cost her money

08:45 Offering free services to build your portfolio is fine….to a point

09:45 How to raise your rates

11:20 First hires - accountant and lawyer

13:16 The importance of clear, thorough contracts

14:40 What “holistic” branding is about

15:45 How to do your own “brand audit”

18:35 Overcoming decision fatigue

19:20 5 ways to boost client conversion…that don’t require hiring a designer!!!

19:50 Your website should be making you money

20:06 What is your website goal (yes, you need to have one!)

21:15 Have a call to action - and the best place to put it

22:08 Client/Website hospitality - how not to be annoying

23:20 When and how to use popups on your website

25:39 How and why to use the “3-step marketing method” on your website

27:15 Consider the traffic sources for your website

29:35 Breaking through email overwhelm - building your email list

31:10 What not to do in your emails

31:40 What (and how) to adjust if people are unsubscribing to your list

33:12 The value of storytelling in your emails…and guidance on how to do it

34:50 Where do I start??? It’s not on improving your weaknesses

36:30 How to inspire yourself to take action on your big side hustle dream


38:30 Life is happening….now - not when the goal is achieved

39:13 The secret sauce of life


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