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Nov 8, 2022

You may not aspire to be a mentalist like today’s guest David Jaison, but you’ll benefit from what he shares about self promotion, customization for clients, applying online skills to live performances, and learning from his presentation disasters.

After you hear this episode, maybe you will be inspired to start a side hustle as a performing mentalist.

Be sure to catch the end-of-episode takeaway to discover how to strengthen your intuition, which should be your constant traveling companion in life providing you amazing, timely, profitable guidance.

What You’ll Hear:

02:42 Knowledge and skills David draws upon to perform as a mentalist

04:54 The value of intuition

06:02 Can anyone train to be a mentalist?

08:36 Why Brian’s first major presentation was an “epic failure” and lessons learned

11:55 The value of a mix and mingle before your presentation

13:20 What happens behind the scenes in preparing for a show

16:45 Examples of routines in his show

18:54 Carving out time for a side hustle during a very full time job as a director of logistics

21:44 You may not be getting jobs because you’re not charging enough!

23:30 Rethinking an interactive live show to….zoom

24:50 The first online show was “horrible” - more lessons learned!

26:35 A priceless resource - an industry Facebook group focused on zoom performing

28:30 The benefit of offering your services to nonprofits

30:25 Remember that bartering can be a great alternative to paying cash

31:46 A strategic move to a convention and tradeshow-rich city

32:40 Marketing by offering demos, and getting on event-planning/gig websites

35:12 Two indicators showing you it’s time to jump full time into your side hustle


36:50 The power of your intuition - one of your 6 mental faculties

38:50 An exercise to develop your intuition


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