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Nov 15, 2022

Today’s guest could not envision herself continuing to live and work full-time in Belgium. Instead, she’s crafted a life in Cusco, Peru involving no less than 6 part-time hustles.

The most lucrative one for Maya Lombarts is her role as a virtual assistant (VA). It’s her #1 because in addition to excelling at it, she doubled down on an often overlooked, but potential goldmine of a source for clients.

In this episode, Maya shares tips and tricks for challenging your assumptions of what you can and should charge clients, who to ask for advice, how to explore the potential business opportunities in your areas of passion, and of course, ways to get paid more as a VA.

She might even inspire you to ask yourself, are you living exactly where you want to live?

Be sure to catch the end of episode takeaways where I’ll challenge you about the choices you’ve been making, how I became aware of unconscious, false beliefs guiding my decision-making, and how we can become open to expanded possibilities that lead to wiser choices.

What You'll Hear:

02:48 No full-time job: A lifestyle choice? 

06:40 From “I can’t,” to how can I make this work”

06:50 “What if there is a way?”

07:15 Six distinct side hustles, including professional singer

09:33 Online memberships as an income source

11:27 Embracing diverse roles

11:55 Selling tours as a hustle and leveraging Couchsurfing

14:27 Most lucrative of the 6 hustles: VA

17:12 Typical hourly rates for a VA

18:35 Opting to get direct VA customers, less reliance on VA platforms

19:35 Strategy when marketing through the platforms

25:15 Maya’s typical weekly “schedule”

28:15 A Peruvian perspective on committing to future social engagements

28:47 A mix of the cultures is best

29:35 Our way is just one way…not necessarily the only way or the best way

30:29 Cusco, Peru - altitude is 3,400 metres (11,155 feet)

34:01 Uncovering business opportunities in your areas of passion

40:33 How a recommendation can garner you better rates

40:46 Strategies for getting paid more as a VA

43:45 Maya’s best tip for taking action


44:58 Shift from “I can’t” to “How I Can!”

45:45 Uncovering a negative belief that was guiding decision-making

47:47 Doing things habitually “because that’s just what we do”

49:11 Have a productive brainstorming session this week to pull back the “horse blinkers”

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