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Dec 6, 2022

There’s a good chance you have way more talent, skill, and experience than you give yourself credit for. To help draw those out, today’s guest Sandra Booker has questions for you!

A plea from her 13-year-old daughter motivated Sandra to put her talent and skills to work to raise some needed cash. Her full-time job wasn’t bringing in enough. So, Sandra embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by becoming a part time virtual assistant (VA). As that scaled, it was time to quit her 9-5 and make being a VA her full-time business. Realizing that a lot of the services she was providing were more big-picture and strategic in nature, Sandra shifted to being a Business Manager for multiple companies, and a trainer to aspiring VA’s.

Regardless of your industry of focus, Sandra has tips, tricks, and inspirations to help you do what you do…better.

You’ll hear several highly effective tips on finding clients, strategies for delegating like a pro (a must-have skill when scaling), and short cuts and hacks she teaches aspiring VA’s that we can all use in our side hustles.

Be sure to catch the end of episode takeaway where I steer you in the direction of using some of the ideas you’ll hear today, not only in your business life, but maybe surprisingly, your personal life too.


What You’ll Hear:

02:54 The motivation to start a side hustle

07:52 Listing her gig in the wrong category worked out very well!

09:43 Think about what your client is looking for…and be there

11:42 Turning her gigs into a real business

12:37 from $25, to $45, to $50/hr for VA services

13:45 The decision to scale -  a win/win with clients

14:45 Sandra’s best delegation secrets

15:49 Take the time to hire, don’t wait until the last minute

16:30 Check in with them to confirm your assumptions about their ability

18:15 Delegate the outcome or record your screen to share your process

19:50 Switching from VA to OBM

21:50 Working herself out of the job….is the goal!

22:38 Treat your client’s business as your own - be in it with them

24:17 Difference between VA and OBM

25:40 What you can expect to earn as a VA

26:50 Where to look for clients - including co-working spaces

30:59 Where to start first if you want to be a VA (this applies to many side hustles!)

33:05 You likely have more transferable skills and talents than you realize

36:00 Don’t inadvertently “assign a task” when you’re pitching a client

38:17 Gain clarity on what is really stopping you - is it a real issue, or a fear?

40:01 Switch from “I can’t” to “how I can”

Featured Takeaway:

41:45 Using the “recording your screen share” in your personal life

42:29 Let me know how you’re applying this idea


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