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Dec 13, 2022

You can get paid for being a sports superfan? What???

Today’s guest Patrick, a.k.a. Crazy P will tell you about that world. But it’s clearly not the money that drives this passionate, positivity-exuding superfan.

On the surface, it looks like Crazy P’s role is to energize fans at games. That’s a big part of the job, but you'll discover that there's much more to it.

You’ll also hear what’s involved in being a sports superfan, what gameday looks like, and his other income sources that are offshoots of this side hustle that can serve as idea generators for you.

But above and beyond those things, he reminds us what’s important in life. Spreading love and good vibes is what Patrick is all about.

What You’ll Hear:

01:52 The role of a “Super Fan”

03:39 His relationship with the fans

06:35 The power of the chants

08:56 NHL Vancouver Canucks playoff moment

10:25 Inspiration from “Crazy George” & pitching the CFL’s BC Lions 

12:40  “Game day” routine

16:02 This is hard work!

17:22 Getting to work the Olympics

19:17 Learning chants from the Sweden and Finland teams

20:40 Working a BC Lions game and a Vancouver Canucks game AT THE SAME TIME!

23:41 What Superfans can earn

25:50 Get paid to create personalized videos for your fans…makes a great gift

28:42 It’s about way more than the sport

29:21 The power of a personal moment

31:35 The “Crazy P Experience”

35:25 Brainstorming future game day experiences

38:02 High fiving the mirror for morning inspiration

38:50 Don’t wait for the perfect time

40:11 Show your appreciation to the fans and players

40:24 A key to successful living

40:49 How you got to where you are at this moment in your life

41:00 The consequences of focusing on the negatives…and what to do instead


For a deeper dive into understanding what's showing up in your life:


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