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Jun 21, 2022

It’s hard to be online these days and not see ads from people on sailboats or standing next to their luxury cars claiming to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in e-commerce...they make it sound so easy, right? 

Today’s guest is the perfect person to speak to the reality of what it takes to start and run a successful side hustle in e-commerce. But spoiler alert, her answer is sage advice for whatever is your industry of choice.

By day, twenty-something Melissa Ng is a certified professional accountant working in Mergers & Acquisitions for a multinational company. Her side hustle is helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to be in their e-commerce businesses, through her company Launchers Academy. Not only can she speak to this from a numbers standpoint, she herself has successfully built a number of e-commerce stores, and has been able to remove herself from their day-to-day operations. 

Be sure to catch the wrap-up at the end of the show, where I hone in on 2 gems that Melissa shares. One is an attribute you’ve just got to embrace if you want to obtain the success you seek and the other is about why you really want to take stock of who you’re spending your time with!


What You'll Hear:

02:50 Having a steady income is a great time to start a side hustle

04:45 Active vs passive when choosing a side hustle

06:58 A potential life-changing gift you can give

08:13 Milestones achieved at Launchers Academy

10:58 The truth about e-commerce success

12:02 Shiny object syndrome

12:48 The secret sauce of e-commerce success

14:45 The value of community

16:40 Another benefit of starting your own business

17:24 What stops most people from starting their side hustle?

19:00 When I first started, “I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.”

19:58 Be open to how you’ll get to where you want to go

21:25 The reason you’ll want to suspend judgment

2 Key Takeaways:

22:14 Be willing to put in the work & what’s your motivation?

23:00 The value of a mastermind 

23:20 Remember you are at choice

23:56 Thriving in uncertain times

24:35 Who are you surrounded by?


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