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Jan 3, 2023

Imagine being a private investigator as a side hustle!

As owner of Pink Lady Investigations, Lisa Phillips has worked on infidelity and child custody cases, background checks, landlord and tenant disputes, and criminal defense cases.

She’s built a solid reputation with attorneys as an ace process server because of her ability to get the job done.

In today’s episode, you’ll gain valuable insights into the world of private investigation.

You'll hear about what a day in the life of a PI is like, how much you can expect to earn, the differences in fees between investigative work and process serving, how to become a PI, and what makes for the best investigators. Plus, Lisa shares a creative and low-cost strategy she used to get her company's name on local TV, which could be useful for your side hustle too!

What You’ll Hear:

02:19 Why Lisa ended up becoming a private investigator

03:30 Getting the attention of a local TV station

05:25 Local PI’s object to Lisa’s entry into the market

06:55 An alternative path to becoming a PI

09:10 Some webinar attendees became trainees

10:00 Dressing to get the job done

11:25 Some databases PI use can’t be accessed by public

13:11 Be aware of the footprint you’re leaving online

14:22 A day in the life of a PI

15:50 The “fake princess” investigation

17:24 Requirements to become a PI

19:26 Here’s who makes the best PI’s

21:40 Examples of typical clients

23:20 The final eviction (process) serve

24:43 What you can expect to earn as a PI

25:30 Flat rate for process serves, hourly for investigative

25:50 Lisa’s rate is $95 and she pays contractors $40-$50/hour

27:00 Networking is huge in this industry

28:50 No, I won’t give you your old sweetheart’s contact info

30:48 Lisa’s best tip to take action

31:44 Tell me I can’t do something? Challenge accepted


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