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Jan 10, 2023

Mike Montague got his first taste of working a side hustle at the age of 12, delivering flyers door to door. As he went through school, Mike got paid to build websites, perform as a DJ, and host an internet radio show.

Today his full time work is with an international sales training organization, and working remotely allows him time to grow his side hustle which this year is earning him about $50,000 through his company, Playful Humans. A good chunk of that revenue is by performing as a game show host. 

Mike gets to meet people, play games and make money doing it. How cool is that?

In this episode, you’ll hear about why his current employer got very interested in a book he wrote - it could be an a-ha moment for you, why multiple sources of income are a must, and other ways to get paid that could have a greater payoff than a one-time payment.

You’ll also hear what Mike charges and how he prices his gigs.

And remember to stay tuned for the end of episode takeaway where I’ll teach you a game I designed for my “Winning the Money Game” seminar. It’ll get your creative juices flowing thinking about ways to double your money.

What You’ll Hear:

03:42 Writing a book about LinkedIn led to more job opportunities at work 

04:11 How Mike’s hustles morphed into Playful Humans

05:41 First side hustle at age of 12

10:16 The gift of being trained in sales when you're young

10:47 Having to put down the wrong answers to pass the test

11:15 How Mike got to be a Game Show Host!

12:40 Being paid to play

15:34 Playful Humans podcast

17:33 Pre-show prep

18:30 What’s YOUR answer to this “Survey Says” game question? 

20:09 Jeopardy! a great way to review content

21:28 First podcast sponsor, an affiliate link

22:00 Revenue from affiliate links add up over the years

22:55 Don’t have all revenue coming from one source

24:18 Pricing events with the “PIA Factor” LOL

25:55 What Mike charges for game show hosting

26:44 The value of getting in front of audiences, even if you’re not being paid

28:23 Alternatives to getting paid money

30:12 Don’t underestimate the value of practice

33:00 Getting fired live on stage in front of 5,000 people

36:08 The way to get good at sales calls…is to get through the bad ones

36:43 You have to be fully present for this work

37:40 Doing what you want to do vs. what you think other people want

38:40 The 2 really hard buttons to push: Record and Publish

39:12 Get into a positive spiral

Key Takeaways:

39:41 Paying with money is not the only way

40:00 How I got 2 kayaks for free

40:43 Doubling $1,000 in 90 days

41:52 Apply it in my “Winning the Money Game” seminar

42:35 What to do when you think, “I don’t know” or “I can’t”

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