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Feb 21, 2023

If you love to read, here’s a way you can get paid to do it.

When today’s guest Roxanne Burkey isn’t working her full time job at Zoom, chances are, you’ll find her either writing or reading. She has a number of writing credits to her name including being the co-author of the 12-book Enigma Series.

She also gets paid to write reviews for authors.

Maybe doing book reviews is a perfect fit for you, but if not, use this episode as a launching point to get you thinking about how you can bring in a bit of income by doing something around one of your passions.


What You’ll Hear:

04:45 Where Roxanne’s reviews are published

06:35 The criterion that determine how much she charges

07:28 Don’t ask her to guarantee you a 5-star review

08:18 Reviews are extremely important to get pushed to the top of recommendations

09:30 Length of reviews 250-300 words

10:01 Multiple ways an author could use the review

12:17 Currently earning a couple of hundred dollars a month

12:55 Where Roxanne is finding clients

14:25 “Enigma Tracer” - Book 1 of a brand new book series launching this year

17:07 Juggles full-time employment at Zoom, plus 2 side hustles

18:03 Where to find your first clients

20:45 Roxanne’s best tip for taking action on your side hustle


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