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Mar 7, 2023

How do you reach your people who will fall in love with your product or service? How do they find their way to you?

It’s not enough to have an awesome looking website and great content. You need to get the attention of the search engines.

That’s where today’s guest, Matt Hepburn, SEO expert is going to help us out. He’s been taking a deep dive in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for the past 13 years. He currently works for John Hancock managing the SEO for Manulife for all of Canada.

Matt shares practical, clear steps we can take to help push our rankings higher in the search engines, including what we should be doing, how to do it, and what we absolutely need to avoid.

What You’ll Hear:

05:54 What does Google want?

06:24 Our goal as business owners is to niche down in our industry

09:06 The importance of relevant links back to your website

09:39 First step to improve google ranking if you’re targeting geographically local buyers - Google Business Profile

12:15 It’s a different strategy if you’re an online business

13:10 Matt recommends having one niche per website

15:07 Get clear on what you are offering

16:18 Links are seen as “votes” by google

17:02 But the links have to be relevant to your content

18:40 or to see how competitive your chosen keywords are to rank

19:50 Links within your own site may helpful, provided they’re topically relevant

22:10 Think like your customer when planning your website; what would you be looking for?

22:50 It’s not just about the keywords!

25:42 Here’s what google does want to see

26:50 H1, H2, H3 tags

28:50 Avoid keyword stuffing

33:15 Since SEO is in constant change and flux, focus your content on the value to the user

34:15 Provide your content in different ways, ie audio, video, written, etc

35:40 SEO for podcasting

38:01 Applying SEO for blogging

40:24 The EMJ Podcast - The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Journey

41:07 Matt’s new podcast: Focus Visibility

41:40 A smart SEO step to take when you are going to be interviewed

43:18 Matt’s best tips for taking action


44:57 Take a course!

45:15 Google’s free tool for keyword research

43:35 MOZbar is a free google extension that will expand your research


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