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Mar 14, 2023

Today’s guest didn’t wait until she felt totally prepared, totally self-assured and that everything was perfect prior to uploading her first digital product.

Instead, Rachel Jimenez went ahead and launched her Esty shop.

Then as she increased her offerings and started to analyze the data on what was working and what wasn’t, she was able to quit her full time job after 9 months, went on to make $160,000 that year, and she hasn’t looked back.

While you will gain a better understanding of what it takes to launch and run a successful Etsy shop, the insights she shares about mindset, her perspective on what people call failures, and the big “why” that drives her actions, can be applied to increase revenue in any side hustle, in any industry.

You may also be inspired to see a way to retire earlier than you ever thought possible.

If you’re finding it hard to carve out time for your side hustle, you’re going to love what I’m calling her “5-minute strategy” It’s smart. It's simple. And it works.


What You’ll Hear:

03:01 Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement

05:06 Rich Dad Poor Dad

05:28 Mr. Money Mustache - The Shockingly Simple Math To Early Retirement

06:09 When you get a raise, or receive extra cash, be conscious of what you to with the increase

07:53 “Budget” can be a good thing!

10:05 Dog-sitting side hustle did well

11:30 Using a platform provides you a place where your customers already are

13:38 Doubling down on Etsy

14:11 Etsy income really ramped up once Rachel focused

15:25 Adopt the mindset of, “There is a solution”

16:51 Digital projects are her specialty with Etsy

17:22 The reasons why Rachel is successful

19:33 Think like a scientist - analyze your data

20:26 Libraries (including college ones) are a very underutilized resource

21:15 Where and how Rachel found the time to work on her side hustles

22:18 The “5-minute” strategy - a path to higher productivity

24:23 What to do when you get scared of taking the next step

25:01 There’s no such thing as “failure” - it’s just data

26:01 You’ve got to be willing to fail…in public

27:10 “If you’re not embarrassed by your beta version, you launched too late!”

28:00 Beware of comparing yourself to people who have been in the industry for a long time

30:03 How to get your product noticed on Etsy

33:15 Expanding her digital product offerings from her own site

35:41 The effect on her business of studying positive psychology

36:22 Optimize Your Life Academy 

38:19 Breakdown of Rachel’s 9-5 schedule

39:14 The blur between work and play

42:00 How to get paid to write your own story for media

43:35 Rachel’s best tip for taking action


45:04 Comparing other people’s results against your own


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