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May 2, 2023

After just 2 years, Travis King built up enough of a monthly passive income stream from his land flipping side hustle to quit his 9-5, and has since built it up to a 7-figure business.

In this episode, you’ll discover,

  • How to generate cash flow from land deals,
  • Costly mistakes made by newcomers to the industry, and what to do to avoid them,
  • Why Travis prefers buying land over purchasing homes,
  • Alternatives to bank financing,
  • Tips and tricks for the newcomer to land flipping, and
  • Ways to scale your business if you’re already a seasoned land investor.

If land flipping piques your interest, be sure to check out the sweet offer Travis is making available to you, as a side hustle hero listener.


What You’ll Hear:

03:52 Trying multiple side hustles

05:29 Giving any of them true focus likely would have worked

08:58 Do you really need to do more research, or is it procrastination?

09:30 First land deal was a purchase at a local tax auction, and resold on eBay

13:37 After 5 years, starting coaching people

13:54 You don’t have to live in the USA to purchase land

16:27 Toughest time is when you’re still working full-time at your regular job and you’ve built up your side hustle to the point it’s a second full-time job

16:45 Started taking back mortgages to build up monthly income

18:05 That opened up the buyer pool

18:35 Life became so much easier once Travis quit his day job

19:48 Started being proactive using direct mail to seek out sellers

24:00 Analyzing tax rolls

25:12 Some of the indicators Travis looks for on the tax rolls/lists

26:54 Maybe 1% responds to mailings, then a lesser % says ‘yes I’ll sell’ for 50%-70% below market value

27:35 He captures equity when he buys

30:08 A lot of these lists are available at the county level for free

33:27 Solving the lack of capital issue for others

35:20 Asking for too low of a downpayment resulted in more defaults

35:47 Now Travis asks for 30% - 50% down

36:54 How his rates compare to the banks

37:37 Has since starting using a 3rd party note servicer or a title company to service the account

40:15 Selling for cash brings in capital, the selling on payments brings in cash flow

41:04 Things you need to check out when you’re searching for a property to buy

43:09 Most common errors newcomers to land flipping make

45:32 Most memorable land deal

50:45, Travis’s free 7-day course

51:29 SIDEHUSTLEHERO - coupon code for 20% of paid course

52:44 Travis’s best tip to take action


55:43 Be aware of the difference between knowing and doing

55:55 “Ya, I know that.” - Don’t get caught in that trap


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