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May 9, 2023

Meet Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri.

She’s moved from one gig to the next her entire working life.


With the explosion these days of all things AI, her story is timely.

It’s a cautionary tale of knowing what you’re signing and what that could mean for you in the future. Her story also serves as a valuable lesson for saying “yes”, when presented with new opportunities.

Susan also talks about the process of recording the voice of Siri, what that journey’s been like, and her outlook on the proliferation of AI.


What You’ll Hear:

03:30 Right place, right time…and saying yes!

05:45 Susan’s favourite voice

07:50 How she came to be Siri

08:50 How Apple acquired her voice

09:25 The launch of a new career

10:15 How Susan discovered she was the voice of Siri

11:15 “Flip it to your advantage”

11:44 Recording Siri

13:46 Reading street addresses

14:15 At the time, Susan had no knowledge of what her recordings would be used for

15:03 Most fun things of being Siri

15:41 Meeting Steve Wozniak was the spark for her speaking career

17:15 The original Siri had “attitude”

17:49 The possible downside of being Siri

19:35 Horrified at the discovery that Siri was her voice

20:02 Impacts of AI

24:35 The “niceties” are the lubricants of life

26:24 Susan’s best tip

28:40 “Be positive and embrace the change”

29:02 Remember you have a choice

29:19 The one thing we all have control over: our attitude


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