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May 23, 2023

I think you’ll appreciate the authenticity, honesty, and humour of today’s guest, Gary Jones.

Having left his day job behind, Gary's career has been a rollercoaster ride of gigs and hustles, where nothing is guaranteed.

He is a legendary improv performer, a seasoned actor, and prolific comedy writer.

In this timely episode, Gary shares a powerful message of trusting and having faith in yourself, especially when things seem uncertain.

It’s a fun episode. Afterall he is a skilled storyteller.

His narratives, derived from his life as an actor, hold valuable lessons that apply to any side hustle you're pursuing.

Be sure to catch his hilarious recounting of performing at the home of Bill & Melinda Gates on New Year's Eve.


What You’ll Hear:

03:50 The voice – you need to do this or you’ll regret it

08:01 Discovering that improv is writing on your feet

09:29 Joining Second City Touring Company

11:40 Once on the road Gary found his tribe

12:28 Quit his 9-5 to immerse himself “in a world of uncertainty”

13:46 The foundation of improv is “yes, and”

15:42 Gary doesn’t know what he’ll make one month to the next

21:08 Ryan Stiles opens the door to Vancouver Theatresports and Punchline

23:30 Chatting over dinner turned into brainstorming ideas for a play

24:00 You’ve got to be able to spot opportunities then ACT

27:33 Entered the Vancouver Fringe festival with their play, “World’s Greatest Guy”

32:36 Final show played to a packed house

34:40 Won the Jessie Richardson Theatre Award that year for best play

36:02 You’ve got to be like a hunter with a bow and arrow on the lookout for your next gig

41:05 How you value yourself is going to be reflected in what you earn and how you’re treated

43:35 The original voice of Siri recommends improv classes and there are many transferable skills that’ll help you in whatever industry you’re in

46:01 Richard Side and the start of writing for The Debaters

51:23 Gary’s advice to his film students “Don’t be a dick.” Be generous and be a problem-solver

53:14 The humour and craziness of performing at the home of Bill & Melinda Gates on New Year’s Eve

59:00 Gary’s best tip

1:00:34 If you feel inspired to take action, then take action

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