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Sep 5, 2023

Business ramped up for today’s guest Jess Herring when an email from Twitch landed in her inbox. A new niche was opening up, and she not only recognized the opportunity, but pounced!

Today Jess earns between 7000- $12,000 per month, largely through her freelance work as a video editor. She’ll tell you how she did it and how she continues to increase sales.

It’s an inspiring story of wanting to provide for her son the opportunities that she never had growing up in extreme poverty.

Give it a listen and be inspired to “pounce” on your side hustle idea.

“There is no dream that is silly. There is no dream that is not worth chasing,” says Jess.

She’s living proof.


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What You’ll Hear:

02:03 The motivation for Jess to become a video editor

03:13 A suggestion from a friend prompted her to set up a Fiverr account

03:38 The email from Twitch that opened up an opportunity

06:24 Rather than beat yourself up over a perceived missed opportunity, know that there will be more in the future!

08:13 One small decision can change the entire trajectory of your life

10:33 Biggest surprise in running this business

11:30 The most memorable gig

12:47 The importance of communication with clients

14:29 Best tip for success

15:04 “There is no dream that is silly. There is no dream that is not worth chasing.”

16:58 What Jess’s schedule looks like

18:48 Jess’s motivation to keep going when the going gets tough

20:11 Her first gig ended up being a long-term client

23:53 Jess’s best tip to start or grow your side hustle

Bonus tips:

26:13 There are a lot of “dream stealers” out there. It can be fatal for your dreams

26:37 A big goal or dream you commit to is like a seed you’re planting, and it needs time to grow

27:21 When you die, you want to be “all used up.”


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