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Sep 12, 2023

About 4 years ago, Brittany Sampson was a partner in a side hustle that she, her sister, and her mom started. It was an online kids clothing business known as Sugar Dumplin’ Kids.

After buying out her two partners, she doubled-down on growing the business and grow it she did, hitting 7-figure revenues.

Brittany talks about;

  • What it took to scale the business
  • How she grew her fanbase from 0 to over 100,000 followers
  • A smart and cost-effective way to know exactly what your customers really want
  • Smart steps to take when placing an order with an overseas manufacturer to avoid costly mistakes, and
  • Creative ways to move inventory when something is not selling


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What You’ll Hear:

03:46 Why an online clothing brand?

05:03 None of them had experience with an online business or kids clothes

06:09 You’re typically not paying yourself much in the first year

07:05 Really big mindset shift going from employee to self-employed

10:32 The why behind Brittany buying out her partners

12:07 First steps from idea, to action

13:09 A “small batch” manufacturer will work with smaller quantities

13:33 Brittany often used a “pre-order” model to presell the collection

16:03 Platforms like Pietra do the sourcing for you

16:40 If using a platform like Alibaba you must highly vet your manufacturer 

17:55 Examples of manufacturer’s “bait and switch”

19:30 What to look for when vetting a manufacturer

21:51 Using creativity and honesty to sell slow-moving or not-what-was-ordered product

26:13 Careful planning or fly by the seat of your pants?

27:20 Brittany’s annual review and planning sessions, including her “sales calendar”

29:00 A gross revenue number (7-figures) can sound impressive, but what’s the net profit?

31:41 $360,000 profit on sales of $1.7 m in sales

32:20 What drove the growth of Sugar Dumplin’ Kids

36:17 Can delegate through VA’s, Fiverr, Upwork 

37:10 It is particularly tough in Year 1

38:50 The real wealth lies in people willing to start a side hustle

39:54 The decision to sell the business

42:23 Brittany’s Top Tip to help you start or grow your side hustle


44:00 Maybe it’s time for you to launch or scale

44:30 “Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you’ll see how to go further”

44:35 Check out Episode 61: Best Productivity Hack to Skyrocket Your Results 


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