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Sep 26, 2023

Freaked out about the negative implications of AI on your side hustle?

Or to your side hustle idea? You're not alone.


As a freelance writer and copy editor, Gabrielle Gerbus had huge concerns especially once business started to drop off. But then…


She knew she needed to jump onboard and figure out HOW the proliferation of AI could work to her benefit. Then, her business grew.


Her agency now brings in over $15,000 a month in revenue. While she is paying out subcontractors, the business expenses are particularly low for this digital nomad.


I spoke to her after she had just arrived in Thailand.


In addition to hearing how she started her freelancing side hustle, scaled it, and pivoted to profit in this age of AI, you’ll also hear about some unexpected benefits of life as a digital nomad.


It sounds to me like she’s found her tribe.


For guidance on how to lead your best life…one that you deem to be wonderful and well-lived, be sure and check out the end of episode Wrap Up!


What You’ll Hear:

05:10 Job dissatisfaction led Gabrielle to start her side hustle

07:03 Discovered she doesn’t need years of corporate experience to start freelancing

07:35 Being encouraged to put up a seller page on Fiverr 

08:11 In 2 months she replaced her corporate salary!

09:50 She was thankful to be told not to quit her day job without a backup plan

12:07 Being obsessed with professional and personal development fueled her success

13:54 Her offerings grew in number organically out of client requests

14:24 Gabrielle was counseled by a mentor to say “yes” to every client request, and then figure out the "how"

14:59 That led to scaling early as she had to hire talent in other disciplines

17:40 In life we have our successes and our "learning experiences"

18:54 Learning the art of delegating and managing others

20:10 Sales dropped when AI became more mainstream

22:10 Why someone using AI to write still needs an editor

23:25 Decided she had to get onboard and figure out how to use AI to her advantage

24:11 Gabrielle is part of Fiverr’s “Seller Plus Program

26:39 She charges double when editing AI as it involves much more work than if it was written by a human

27:17 Her AI editing gig gets 250,000 impressions per month - shows the demand

27:48 Websites like and can detect AI generated content

29:06 She’ll take text that’s 80%-100% AI written, edit it, and bring that down to being flagged as 10%-15% AI generated

31:36 How Gabrielle uses AI

32:55 Current revenues $20,000-$30,000 per month including passive income

36:52 One challenge spending half the year in Thailand is the different time zones

37:11 The benefits of connecting with like-minded digital nomads overseas

38:49 Gabrielle’s best tips for starting and growing your side hustle

Wrap Up:

40:36 “Consider the consequences of inaction”

40:45 The “Rocking Chair Test”

41:45 Don’t play the “what if” game


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