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Aug 2, 2022

Today’s guest has been dubbed, the Queen of Side Hustle. It’s no wonder…she’s been a beekeeper for 7 years, a cheese monger for 11 years, and she’s sprinkled in a lot of other side hustles along the way.

Whether or not you’ve ever thought about beekeeping as a side hustle, Nicole Buergers’ journey is sure to inspire! While laughing a lot through this episode, we unpack lessons that apply to every industry.  Nicole is authentic, passionate, open, and uplifting.

Be sure to catch my wrap-up at the end where I drill down on imposter syndrome (you're not alone) and, why you need to question where you’re spending your time.

Did I mention that early in her beekeeping venture, Nicole endured over 50 bee stings to the face in a single bee incident? I can’t imagine. Yet she kept going. You're sure to "bee" inspired by today’s guest, Nicole Buergers.

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