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Jun 28, 2022

Wouldn’t you love to wake up each morning with a joyful hunger and passion for your work? Today's Side Hustle Hero has found a way.

Lauren Eckhardt was really good at her day job in human resources and was being promoted up through the ranks, but she knew her heart was elsewhere. She had tried a number of side hustles that didn’t bring her the success AND fulfillment she sought.  It took a “triple meltdown moment”  in her kitchen, and a bout of covid to cause her to break through the chains of her old habit patterns which freed her to express her true gifts and finally start her dream side hustle. You’ll hear that it took her less than a year to see her company grow from 0 to 6-figures.

Her company Burning Soul Collective turns clients' life stories into powerful books that spark change.

Be sure to catch the wrap-up at the end of the show, where I drill down on 2 key takeaways from what Lauren shares. Both have to do with you checking in on the congruence between what you’re saying and what you’re doing. Aligning those may be just what you need to jump to the level of success you know you can achieve.


What You'll Hear:

02:29 Great reasons to start a side hustle!

03:20 Trying 5 different side hustles

04:31 Wanting success AND fulfillment

06:00 Being discouraged to follow what lights her up!

07:00 The consequence of not following your dream

07:42 The importance of your “why”

07:55 What it takes to change behaviour and why it’s so difficult

10:09 The importance of leading by example

11:17 Lauren’s life-changing triple meltdown moment

12:41 The one thing you can control

14:20 Can you actually get paid doing something you love???

15:25 Her Covid silver lining

18:01 What happened the following week after making the decision to pursue her dream

25:50 Are we even going to survive this?

27:30 Wait until your company can afford to hire, or jump in anyway?

28:45 Hire contractors or employees?

31:26 Reaching the point where you can’t imagine doing anything else

32:06 Lauren’s #1 tip to help you take action

33:38 It took her months to go public with the news she started her company

34:58 Screw the fears!

35:19 The ripple effect of your decisions

37:30 When you make the decision and act to start your side hustle, you really don’t appreciate how great your life can get


2 Key Takeaways:

37:57 We need to walk our talk. Actions do speak louder than words

39:00 Are you telling yourself a story?

39:41 Once a decision is made, the universe conspires to make it happen


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