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The Father's Table

Jul 7, 2022

The Holy Spirit impressed upon Pastor Theo to teach from The Disciple Book in the Global Discipleship Course this week, and not only that, but, specifically from chapter three - The Disciple Obeys Because He Loves. We talked about a how a disciple of Jesus Christ should be recklessly in love with God, live in deep intamcy and closeness with the heart of The Lord, live in an emptyness of self and more. We discussed the need for one that is called to shepherd God's people to have a singular focus on that intamacy.

Join Pastor Theo and others on The Father's Table Conference Call each Sunday at 9am (easter) by calling  425.436.6373 and using pin# 7396593

You can also watch The Father's Table on YouTube at and you can email Pastor Theo directly to request a copy of any book in the Global Discipleship Course at