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Rainbow Rodeo

Jul 5, 2022

Alex (formerly known as al) Riggs and I spoke in early June about their latest album, themselves, right when it was released. We discussed the current situation in the queer country scene, the anxieties of releasing a record and receiving little press, and how coming into herself has changed her approach to music.

Two days later, themselves got a review in Pitchfork and rocketed to the top of Bandcamp's charts. Listen today to find out why!

And remember to subscribe to the Patreon for as little as $4 a year (yes, you read that right) and listen to Alex recall the time she met Dave Chapelle, and how she feels about astrology.


"The Bardo" -- Alex Riggs (2:07)

"Pekar on Letterman" -- Alex Riggs (14:54)

"No Moral" -- Alex Riggs (33:58)

"Where the Lavender Grows" -- Mya Byrne (50:48)

"Spalding Gray" -- Alex Riggs (54:04)