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Rainbow Rodeo

Aug 26, 2022

Sylvia Rose Novak hates expecations. That's why they've torn down their Americana image and set stakes in the alt-rock world with their blistering album A Miss/A Masterpiece -- not coincidentally, breaking out of the Americana genre has coincided with Novak coming out as non-binary. We talk about the album, Novak's coming out experience, and how they've trained their audience to adjust to a different sound.
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"Man I Used to Be" -- Syvlia Rose Novak (1:24)
"Bad Luck" -- Sylvia Rose Novak (7:46)
"Fallout" -- Syvlia Rose Novak (11:23)
"Futures" -- Jimmy Eat World (24:18)
"Dizzy" -- Syvlia Rose Novak (28:15)
"Jackson (feat. Orville Peck)" -- Trixie Mattel  (44:10)
"Howl" -- Sylvia Rose Novak (46:42)