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Rainbow Rodeo

Dec 20, 2022

Hey, there, cowpokes. It's episode 8 of Rainbow Rodeo and I'm speaking with Adeem the Artist.
We spoke two days after the release of their breakout album White Trash Revelry. This episode is a little odd because we were both in kind of weird headspaces and spent a looong time talking about the music industry and how Adeem feels about hitting their stride. Adeem really lays out, step-by-step, how they got to where they are now. I left most of that in the cut for the Patreon version -- which you can listen to for a mere $4 a year!
To learn more about Adeem's story, you can find our June 2021 interview on my previous podcast, Adobe & Teardrops.
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"For Judas" -- Adeem the Artist (1:38)
"Books and Records" -- Adeem the Artist (21:25)
"Heritage of Arrogance" -- Adeem the Artist (43:07)
"Take Me to the Water Prayer" -- Jake Blount (49:49)
"Going to Hell" -- Adeem the Artist (53:25)