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Jul 5, 2022

In our fourth episode Katie speaks to Dr Annice Mukherjee about her personal experience of the menopause, fear of HRT, treatment options for breast cancer survivors, and other treatments and lifestyle changes we can all try.

In this episode:

0:00 Fear about HRT and breast cancer
5:50 Dr Mukherjee’s personal story
12:30 Vaginal oestrogen for breast cancer survivors
15:01 How should we make the decisions about our own personal risk factors?
20:17 Ways to help yourself with symptoms especially if you can’t take HRT22:09 Tool kit for long term health - movement

  • 23:39 nutrition
  • 24:11 weight management
  • 24:32 managing fatigue
  • 27:00 self care
  • 38:00 A social network

30:32 New treatments?
32:50 Dr Mukherjee’s book


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Dr. Mukherjee’s book - The Complete Guide to the Menopause: Your Toolkit to Take Control and Achieve Life-Long Health by Annice Mukherjee

Website -

The Latte Lounge’s Menopause resources:

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