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Dear Old Dads

Sep 30, 2022

How do we protect our kids from the far too prevalent online Nazi influence? Is it more about monitoring their behavior or trying to raise them in a way such that they won't be vulnerable to right ring influence? How do these bad actors recruit people to their causes?
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Sep 23, 2022

After a lot of highly relatable observational dad comedy about our kids and wives, we move onto Eli's baby medicine madness. Some stuff you can't give your baby at all, some you can't give until a certain age, and some has only recently been found to not do anything. From there we swap ER visit stories.

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Sep 16, 2022

Or should we immediately allow them to quit anything they want? It's an interesting question. Many of the things we now enjoy may have been things that were initially weird and anxiety inducing. But if we see our kids struggling, our impulse might be to rush to alleviate that. Also, SPORTS TALK!

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Sep 9, 2022

Being able to apologize and understand when you are wrong is a critical component of being a good person. But when/how/why/where/what is a good apology? What's a bad one? Should we MAKE our kids apologize? So much good stuff here plus an EXTRA long bonus conversation only for patrons at the end!

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Sep 7, 2022


Lots of goings on among the dads. Eli's nutsack has been brutally attacked by Dick Seaman and he's got a story to tell. Meanwhile, Thomas is on the run from the law for dropping off his kid wrong.
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