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Journey Home to Self

Mar 6, 2024

In this profoundly moving episode of Journey Home to Self, we delved into the often-avoided topics of grief, loss, and the transformative power of endings. Our guest, Courtney Tarrant, shared her intimate journey through the dissolution of her marriage, the passing of her beloved grandfather, and the personal evolution that followed these life-altering events.

Courtney's story is a testament to the idea that endings, while inherently painful, can be approached with intention, kindness, and a deep respect for the relationships and parts of ourselves that we are letting go. She spoke candidly about the societal discomfort with grief and how we, as a culture, tend to rush towards the new beginning without fully honoring the ending that precedes it.

Through her experiences, Courtney has learned to alchemize her grief, transforming the lead of loss into the gold of wisdom. She emphasized the importance of giving a 'good death' to our former selves and relationships, creating space for the new versions of ourselves to emerge authentically.

This episode is a reminder that grief is not just about the loss of a loved one but can encompass the loss of dreams, friendships, and our past selves. It's an invitation to honor our complete selves, to feel our grief fully, and to recognize that in the process of endings, we are birthing new beginnings.

Join us on this intimate journey as we explore the depths of our souls and discover the beauty that lies in embracing the full spectrum of our human experience.

Thank you so much for listening to Journey Home to Self.

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