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Journey Home to Self

Mar 27, 2024

Following my 1 month Social Media Sabbatical, I decided to call it quits on Instagram and Facebook. In this solo episode, I share the reasons behind my choice and the impact it has on my life. I also share some practical, research-backed methods you can use to become less distracted, and more focused and reduce the grip Social Media has on our lives.

Here's what I shared in this episode

  • Reasons behind quitting Social Media
  • Some surprising and not-so-surprising effects of quitting 
  • The impact “distraction” has on our productivity and efficiency, from Dr. Cal Newport's work

  • What I am doing now to spread my message in the world (without Facebook and Instagram)?
  • A proven technique you can use to become less distracted if you cannot quit Social 
  • How to create better boundaries with digital distraction
  • Some inventive ways I use platforms such as Substack, podcasts, and one-on-one conversations to connect with people

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Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Deep Work  - Book by Cal Newport

Huberman Lab Podcast Episode with Dr. Cal Newport


Thank you so much for listening to Journey Home to Self.


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