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Journey Home to Self

Apr 3, 2024

On this episode of Journey Home to Self, host Deepshikha is joined by Dr. Emy Tafelski, a transformational Soul Guide and Spiritual Rebel to explore how to unweave societal constraints and embrace authenticity through spirituality and integrative health

Here's what we discussed:

  • Dr. Emy shares her personal journey of reclaiming her authentic self after experiencing personal loss and evolving from traditional therapy to deeper soul work.

  • The importance of unweaving the threads of Patriarchy and Reclaiming the Feminine to create a tapestry of the soul. In her bespoke Soul-Weaving experiences, Dr. Emy guides individuals on a journey to identify and address disharmonious threads within themselves, such as feelings of not being good enough or people-pleasing tendencies. By recognizing and transforming these patterns, individuals can align with their authentic selves and cultivate a sense of worthiness and empowerment.

  • We discuss the importance of acknowledging and integrating both Divine Masculine and Feminine qualities within oneself to achieve holistic healing and well-being.

  • We explore the transformative power of authenticity in personal healing and its ripple effect on the world. By embracing authenticity, individuals can cultivate self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion, leading to a more harmonious and empowered existence. Dr. Emy's work and teachings serve as a reminder that authenticity is not only a path to individual healing but also a catalyst for positive change in the collective consciousness.

    And much more!

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    Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

    Episode 43 - Unveiling the Patriarchy & Role of Divine Feminine

    Care of the Soul -  Book recommendation by Dr. Emy Tafelski

    Man Enough Podcast

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