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Journey Home to Self

Nov 9, 2022

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Inside Part 1 of this 2 Part Special Episode, Deepshikha guides you through the pathway we all take on Journey Home to Self to uncover our true self.

We talk about:

  • Why learning about the Framework can help us be better prepared for the experiences on the Path to Self.
  • The story behind Deepshikha unlocking the Framework
  • The significance behind the infinity symbol 
  • An overview of the starting point on the journey also known as “Zero Point”
  • What is the Past/Present Reality and why is it important to let go of it?
  • Signs you are at the Zero Point & the questions you ask yourself when you are here
  • Different ways the “portal” to the Journey Home can open up
  • An overview of the first Stage on the Journey Home to Self - The Water Initiation
  • The shadow/challenge of The Water Initiation, quieting the Inner Critic and how to do it.
  • The gift of the Water Initiation - Alchemizing our past and transmuting the lower dense emotions such as grief, sadness and anger to higher frequency emotions such as joy, peace, acceptance and courage
  • How to ‘sit in your muck’ and change your perspective to “I am not in the tomb and I am in the womb”
  • An overview of the second stage on The Journey Home to Self - The Air Initiation
  • The key difference between The Water Initiation and The Air Initiation
  • The questions you ask yourself in The Air Initiation
  • The shadow and the gift of this stage
  • The choice point at the Point of Pivot and the biggest block we can face here

Don’t forget to download your  FREE Journey Home to Self Framework Guide here - ***