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Journey Home to Self

Nov 23, 2022

Join us for a 2-Day Journey Home to Self LIVE Experience where together we’ll excavate the path of Coming Home, layer by layer, until we arrive at your true Authenticity.

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On this week’s episode we are talking with Kristina Eisenhower on The Art of Positive Disruption.

Have you ever experienced being in a funk? Like something was missing from your life? As if someone zapped all the excitement and adventure and your everyday tasks and activities start to feel boring and normal?

It happens to all of us. This is exactly what our guest today, Kristina, was feeling back in 2016. She decided to take matters in her own hands and vowed to positively disrupt her life to bring some zing into it.

Then on her Birthday she came up with an idea. It started with a “Try Day”. She decided to try something new hoping that would take her out of her funk and it worked! What started as an experiment became her new path and the idea of her first book. On this episode, Kristina shares how you too can break out of the funk, positively disrupt your life and create your most vibrant human experience here on earth.

We discuss:

  • What is Positive Disruption?
  • How you can use Resentment as a check engine light to positively disrupt your life
  • Why constant self improvement is not the answer to getting out of your funk
  • Kristina’s ideas, experiences and activities on making your “everyday” and live it every day!
  • How to get out of all or nothing mentality
  • Why action is alchemy and staying in the “liminal space” longer than required can actually keep you from discovering your purpose
  • Krisitna’s beautiful take on the loving, infinite energy we call Universe
  • Simple, one-degree shifts you can start today to positively disrupt your life too

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