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Journey Home to Self

Nov 30, 2022

Rituals give us a chance to pause. It invites us to put intention behind our word, our work and our lives. When created with meaning they can lead to life long habits and help us realize our intentions and goals.

On this episode, Deepshikha talks about:

  • The importance of Rituals in our everyday life
  • Difference between Rituals and Habits
  • Power of our spoken word in the form of prayer
  • How to create an effective Ritual that can enhance your Spiritual and life goals
  • Example of Deepshikha’s rituals

Here’s the prayer Deepshikha shared on the episode. Use it as it is or create your own:

Divine Goddess,

I welcome your unlimited, infinite love 

I stand in my truth with a deep knowing of my value, beauty and worthiness

I choose love and accept myself as I am

I trust that all my needs are always met in the most amazing ways

I am an open conduit for your love and prosperity

I am wide open to receiving more joy, unlimited abundance and divine guidance 

Today and everyday I am deeply grateful for all that is and all that will be

May I be a momentum of love for others.

I am love

I am life

I am light

I am peace

I am abundance

I am power 

I am magnetic

I am that. I am

And so it is.