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Journey Home to Self

Dec 7, 2022

On this episode we talk about:

  • Factors that led to Christy taking a Business Sabbatical to prioritize her personal healing 
  • How Christy started her journey with Psychedelics 
  • Christy’s experience with Microdosing and the effects she noticed in her anxiety and her emotions 
  • How MDMA therapy helped Christy faced her childhood trauma while experiencing compassion and Somatic Release
  • Looking at healing as peeling the layers of an onion
  • Difference between an Ayahuasca Therapy, LSD and MDMA therapy
  • The importance of staying in the ‘messy middle’ and not getting hung up on the after
  • Disrupting the myth of “happiness cannot exist in the messy middle”
  • The beauty of finding the peace in the middle of the chaos and staying in the Present moment 
  • Difference between embodiment and knowledge and the real reason why Affirmations don’t work without embodiment 
  • Where Christy is today with her business and personal healing 

Resources mentioned on the show:

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