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Journey Home to Self

Feb 15, 2023

Award winning writer, Speaker and Author Terri Trespicio joins Deepshikha in this episode of Journey Home to Self to discuss why unfollowing your passion can lead you to your best life.

In this episode, we talk about:

-How we spend too much of our lives believing what other people have told us 
-Why being overly focused on one passion may hinder your growth and make it harder to connect with purpose and meaning​
-Why trying to “fix” ourselves is a misguided effort​
-Why the goal should be to expand your comfort zone and bring more things inside it, rather than accepting being uncomfortable as a means of growth​
-The tendency to spend too much time wondering if we’re talented enough and not enough time building the skills we need​
-Why boredom is a good thing

Find Terri’s website here 

Watch her popular Tedx talk “Stop searching for your Passion” 

Buy her book - Unfollow your Passion

Grab a free gift from Terri - 5 Ways to unlock your creative genius 

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