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Journey Home to Self

Jan 31, 2024

In this episode of Journey Home to Self, we explore the profound connection between our inner being and the elements of nature; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Our guest, Jessica Dyer, a somatic, spiritual, earth-based healer, shared her insights on how we can tap into the energies of the elements to find balance, healing, and a deeper sense of purpose.

We began by discussing the magnetic pull of nature and how it can guide us toward self-discovery and healing. Jessica's journey from a somatic therapist to an earth-based healer highlighted the cyclical nature of our spiritual paths and the importance of reconnecting with Mother Earth.

Earth: Our Physical Connection

Jessica emphasized the importance of grounding ourselves and nurturing our physical bodies, much like how we must care for the Earth. She encouraged listeners to pause and connect with their physical sensations, fostering a relationship with our bodies as part of the Earth.

Water: Our Emotional Flow

Water, as Jessica described, is deeply connected to our emotions and intuition. It helps us understand our boundaries and the vibrations of those around us. She suggested practices like being near water to support emotional movement and release.

Air: Our Breath and Thoughts

The element of air brings us into the present moment and connects us with divinity. Jessica highlighted the interconnection between our breath and the world around us, and how mindful breathing can regulate our nervous system and influence our thought patterns.

Fire: Our Action and Transformation

Fire represents our drive to act and create change. Jessica discussed the common fear women have of their fiery energy and how embracing it can lead to bursts of creativity rather than explosive reactions. She recommended engaging with fire through movement or candle meditation to ignite passion and facilitate action.

Throughout the episode, we delved into the societal conditioning that often disconnects us from these elements, particularly for women. We explored the power of authentic connection over conformity and the role of our nervous system in shaping our experiences.

In closing, Jessica offered practical tips for listeners to start their journey of elemental connection, such as journaling to increase awareness and aligning with the moon cycle to engage with each element. This episode is a call to embrace the natural world within and around us, to live a life in harmony with nature's rhythms and our truest selves.

You can find more about Jessica's work on her Instagram

Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 

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Book on Polyvagal Theory:


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