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Journey Home to Self

Mar 20, 2024

In this episode of Journey Home to Self, I had the pleasure of speaking with Maegan Megginson, a Licensed Therapist and Business Mentor. Maeggan shared her profound journey of transitioning from a Therapist to a Business Coach, and now to a mentor who blends emotional, psychological, spiritual, and strategic elements to help entrepreneurs.

We delved into the challenges of realizing that the work we do may not align with our authentic selves and the societal conditioning that often keeps us from pursuing our true calling. Maegan opened up about her emotional process of letting go of her identity as a business coach and the importance of serving from a place of love rather than profit.

We also discussed the concept of the liminal space or the void, which Maegan refers to as a fertile ground for personal growth and transformation. She emphasized the importance of feeling safe in the 3D world before fully surrendering to the unknown and shared her personal tools for navigating this space, including talk therapy, connecting with women in circles, exploring spirituality, and the use of psychedelic plant medicines.

Maegan's insights on being a 'double agent' who can walk in both the spiritual and material worlds resonated deeply with me. Her message is a powerful reminder that our personal process is our work in the world, and sometimes, we need to live the questions rather than push for answers.

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