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Journey Home to Self

Nov 29, 2023

In this episode of Journey Home to Self, host Deepshikha welcomes special guest Suzanne Kingsbury, the founder of Gateless Writing, Inc. Suzanne is an award-winning author and writing mentor who has helped writers around the world create impactful and authentic work. Deepshikha and Suzanne discuss the origins of Gateless and how it has transformed the way writers approach their craft. Suzanne's profound approach to the inner critic and her ability to tap into a writer's creative genius are highlighted as key aspects of the Gateless method. Join Deepshikha and Suzanne as they explore the power of Gateless in helping writers reach their highest vision.

Time Stamps:

[00:01:20] Gateless and inner critic.

[00:06:10] The power of finding what's working.

[00:09:15] The impact on kids.

[00:14:27] The inner critic and change.

[00:17:47] The problem with the creative artist.

[00:23:11] Unassimilation and breaking boundaries.

[00:24:14] Strength of marginalized artists.

[00:30:12] Radical nurturing of the self.

[00:32:29] Overcoming the inner critic.

[00:37:36] Who am I?

[00:40:11] The power of authenticity.

[00:43:12] The critic and self-expression.

[00:48:23] Inner Critic and Self-Liberation.

[00:51:19] Retreat experiences and inner critic.


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