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Journey Home to Self

Feb 28, 2024

In this podcast episode, host Deepshikha talks about the origin of Patriarchy and the role of Divine Feminine in our history. 

The host emphasizes that if we genuinely want to dismantle the patriarchy and unleash our power, we must first heal the patriarchy. This necessitates bridging the gap between us and embracing kindness, compassion, acceptance, and love. She urges women in the business of women empowerment to be mindful of whether they are truly dismantling the patriarchy or inadvertently aiding it by denying the Divine Feminine.

In conclusion, the podcast episode highlights the influence and responsibility that women in the business of women empowerment possess. They have the power to disseminate ideas and shape thinking, which can significantly impact the beliefs and perspectives of their audience. The host encourages these women to be aware of their role in dismantling the patriarchy and to embrace the divine feminine rather than dismissing it.

Resources mentioned in the episode :

Witch by Lisa Lister

Deepshikha's Substack

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