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Journey Home to Self

Dec 13, 2023

Deepshikha talks about the importance of knowing our Why on the Journey Home to Self in this episode. If you're new to the podcast, this episode serves as a great introduction to the show's core themes.

Deepshikha talks about:

  • Hero's Journey and its limitations when it comes to personal growth and transformation for Women
  • Deepshikha's personal journey and research from the American Psychological Association that talks about stress and depression in Women
  • The SOS signals from our Soul/Higher Self that beckon us on The Journey
  • The Mythology of Descent of Inanna into the Underworld
  • The 7 Gates/ Core Beliefs we must shed on the Journey to merge with our true essence
Resources mentioned in the podcast:
  1. Episode 11 and Episode 12 from Season 1 - Journey Home to Self Framework
  2. The Heroine's Journey Book by Maureen Murdock
  3. 'What Stage of Journey Home to Self' are you at? -  Article on Substack on the Joiurney Home to Self Framework

Thank you so much for listening to Journey Home to Self.

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