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Journey Home to Self

Feb 14, 2024

In this episode, Deepshikha shares the impact of energy imbalance within us and offers tools to shift the focus toward the present moment and self-discovery. Writing, in particular, is highlighted as a somatic practice that facilitates the release and movement of emotions in the body, while also fostering a connection with intuition.

Writing, particularly through free journaling, prompts, and channeled writing, emerges as a powerful tool for navigating the liminal space and connecting with one's inner wisdom. Deepshikha emphasizes the significance of writing as a means of self-discovery and self-expression.

Deepshikha suggests that writing enables individuals to shed layers of societal, cultural, and patriarchal conditioning that hinder their authenticity. She introduces the concept of the liminal space, often perceived as a bewildering and dark realm, but reframes it as an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. Writing, she explains, serves as a conduit to illuminate the hidden aspects of ourselves that we have concealed from the world.

In addition to free journaling, Deepshikha suggests utilizing writing prompts. These prompts facilitate the exploration of our beliefs, challenge misconceptions, and uncover our true selves. She provides four prompts that are particularly relevant to the journey of self-discovery in the liminal space:

  1. What’s one lie you believed about yourself or the world around you that you no longer believe in?

  2. What’s one misconception people have about you?

  3. If you were the last person on this earth, what would you be doing?

  4. One hope you have for this world

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