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Return to New Life

Aug 6, 2022

Ms. Karon finishes up on step 2 in our Jewish Wedding Steps series and gets us into step 3 that begins our discussion on the Marriage Contract or the ketubah. Ms. Karon tells us about how the old rabbinical texts include a parable about a king that paid the price for the people,  sound familiar? She points out the promise of the groom that is tucked into the ketubah while also folding in the info about what the crown of thorns represented on the head of Jesus on the cross. There is a lot of depth in this series.  You can always get the episodes by going to, clicking on podcast and selecting Return to New Life. Episodes are also available on all major podcast platforms.

Here are the 12 steps of the Jewish Wedding that we will be covering over the next several episodes as we go together on this holistic journey of physical and spiritual health. 

1 - The Father chooses the bride.  2 - The Groom agrees on a price.  3 - Covenant made.  4 - Consent of the bride.  5 - Cup of the covenant.  6 - Bridal gifts.  7 - Cleansing (Mikva).  8 - Departure of the groom.  9 - The waiting bride.  10 - Return of the groom.  11. Covering (The huppah).  12. Marriage supper.