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Return to New Life

Aug 27, 2022

We get a little deeper into step three (the ketubah/covenant/contract) of the Jewish wedding. Ms Karon spends some time talking about the different aspects of the Passover meal and how they relate to The Messiah. She points out the stripes on the bread, the breaking of the bread and how a piece is wrapped in a cloth and hidden by the father for the children to find - again, sound familiar? While this is part three of the Jewish wedding series for us, it is part two of our look at step three of the wedding tradition.  Deuteronomy 16:3, Psalm 22, Zechariah 12:10, Isaiah 53, Exodus 12:24, 1 Corinthians 11:23


There is a lot of depth in this series.  You can always get the episodes by going to, clicking on podcast and selecting Return to New Life. Episodes are also available on all major podcast platforms.

Here are the 12 steps of the Jewish Wedding that we will be covering over the next several episodes as we go together on this holistic journey of physical and spiritual health. 

1 - The Father chooses the bride.  2 - The Groom agrees on a price.  3 - Covenant made.  4 - Consent of the bride.  5 - Cup of the covenant.  6 - Bridal gifts.  7 - Cleansing (Mikva).  8 - Departure of the groom.  9 - The waiting bride.  10 - Return of the groom.  11. Covering (The huppah).  12. Marriage supper.