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Tao of Pizza Podcast

Sep 5, 2022

Chris Murphy is the CEO of Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group (SPWG), a BRC Certified Central California warehousing and logistics company. SPWG offers frozen, refrigerated, and ambient temperature facilities and has been family-owned since 1987. Accuracy, expediency, and quality with friendly customer service are the guiding principles behind the company. 

Chris has a background in global marketing and serves on many nonprofits in the Modesto area for arts, music, history, and culture. He founded ModestoView, a monthly publication that promotes civic pride and a sense of community in the Central Valley. He also works at Graffiti USA Museum to showcase Modesto's American Graffiti experience.

In this episode…

No one is an expert in everything. There is always room to learn from others and keep your company current, nimble, and able to pivot. If you don’t evolve, innovate, and stay relevant in the industry, it can be the death of your business. What is something you can do to prevent that from happening?

People are your #1 asset, whether it’s your employees, business relationships, or the brands you work alongside. We learn from our customers and casual conversations. There’s no substitute for relationships. Networking is a fantastic tool to take advantage of because it helps bring people together and provides an opportunity to learn new skills and expertise. Company leaders and employees in the warehouse and logistics industry who join networking groups benefit from collaborating with people from other companies, including competitors. It’s valuable to know what other businesses are facing and how they deal with those challenges. Networking provides the opportunity to learn best practices for the industry, build new relationships, and learn skills that help to provide better service to clients and benefit the business as a whole.

Chris Murphy, the CEO of Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group, joins Mark Hiddleson in this episode of The Tao of Pizza Podcast to talk about the importance of networking and building relationships and partnerships. They also discuss the benefits of hiring quality employees, the evolution of the logistics industry, the growth of direct-to-consumer sales, and much more.