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Tao of Pizza Podcast

Jan 30, 2023

Danny Medina is the Director of Manufacturing at Seizmic, Inc, where they specialize in providing solutions for the material handling industry. He is a 42-year veteran of the material handling industry and has held positions with system integrators and manufacturers. For the last couple of decades, Danny has been focusing on engineering with Structural Support Systems Inc. The company fabricates specially engineered products like conveyor supports, equipment platforms, catwalks, stairs, wall-mounted empty pallet shelves, and storage racks. They also prepare components and various custom products for use in the material handling industry.

In this episode…

How can you add value to your products to meet customer demands? What strategies can you use to gain a competitive advantage in your industry?

To be an expert in the material handling industry, you have to understand your customers' needs and create products that will satisfy those needs. Value addition also requires building good relationships with clients and suppliers. Danny Medina, an expert with 42 years of experience in the material handling industry, knows the value of nurturing quality partnerships. He encourages companies to invest in efficient communication systems, learn from their mistakes, and adapt to changes in the industry.

In this episode of The Tao of Pizza Podcast, Mark Hiddleson interviews Danny Medina, the Director of Manufacturing at Seizmic, Inc., about creating value through product knowledge. They also discuss tips for adding value to products, optimizing space with storage platforms, and the value of nurturing supplier relationships.