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Tao of Pizza Podcast

Feb 5, 2024

Paul Jarrett is the CEO and Co-founder of Bulu, a trailblazing woman-owned logistics business specializing in high volume kitting, e-commerce fulfillment, and multichannel logistics. Paul's Hybrid, Hub & Spoke fulfillment model empowers brands with unlimited sales channels and packaging options. Over the years, he’s launched programs for renowned brands like American Express, BuzzFeed, Crayola, Disney, and GNC, solidifying Bulu’s reputation in the industry. Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, PBS, Inc., CBS News, Good Morning America, and other major media outlets, Paul boasts 20+ years of experience in consumer packaged goods (CPG).

In this episode…

The global logistics market is estimated to be worth over $9 billion in 2024. And by 2028, it is projected to value $14.08 trillion. So, if you’re thinking about entering the logistics space, this might be the sign you need. The industry is on an upward trajectory, and it’s not expected to slow down. How are forward-thinking companies in this field fostering growth? 

Logistics innovator and entrepreneurship mentor, Paul Jarrett, discusses the benefits of using the hub and spoke model distribution model. This fulfillment framework combines a central location called the hub, which is where the goods are stocked and stored, with the spokes, the different distribution centers that deliver these goods to customers. Using this hybrid structure helps businesses streamline order distribution and multichannel sales. While tracking and managing goods across multiple points might seem complicated, Paul explains that keeping the products’ digital and physical information together throughout the supply chain is the key to success.

In this episode of The Tao of Pizza Podcast, Mark Hiddleson speaks with Paul Jarrett, CEO and Co-founder of Bulu, about nonlinear fulfillment systems in consumer packaged goods (CPGs). Paul discusses Bulu’s Hybrid, Hub & Spoke model, how he got started in logistics and fulfillment, lessons learned from years in the industry, and what self-awareness means to him.