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Tao of Pizza Podcast

Jul 18, 2022

Nancy Fateen is the Chief Operating Officer of Seizmic Inc., an engineering and consulting firm within the material handling industry. Nancy started her career in material handling at the age of 17 and has held roles in customer service, CAD drafting, accounting, and permit package preparation. 

Nancy’s company, Submittal Services, was incorporated afterwards in 2005 during her time at Seizmic and now employs 10 dedicated permit coordinators that handle more than 100 permits per month across the country. She built her education around her career graduating with honors from the University of LaVerne, all while raising two little boys. 

In this episode…

What does it take to become a transformational leader in the logistics industry? Which strategies can you use to build better relationships with stakeholders? How do you nurture the leaders of tomorrow?

Being a transformational leader is not just about telling people what to do. You have to support, guide, and empower them to become better employees. You also have to constantly develop better relationships with your team and stay on top of their emotional and physical health.

Nancy Fateen, the Chief Operating Officer of Seizmic Inc., joins Mark Hiddleson in this episode of The Tao of Pizza Podcast to talk about the value of nurturing good relationships in the logistics and materials handling industry. Nancy shares her tips for maintaining work-life balance, how her company networks, and the importance of building genuine relationships. She also talks about her love for health and fitness and how it has influenced her work. Stay tuned!